Reflexology Course
30min ¥6,000(Only Ikebukuro)
60min ¥8,000
90min ¥12,000
120min ¥16,000
+30min ¥6,000
Men's esthetic course ( Micro bikini Free )
60min ¥20,000
90min ¥30,000
120min ¥40,000
+30min ¥10,000
Nano bikini ¥5,000
Walking date course
60min ¥15,000
90min ¥25,000
120min ¥35,000
+30min ¥10,000
Photo nomination fee 2,000 yen
Nomination fee 5,000 yen
change not allowed
¥1,000 slap / be trampled play / nadenade
¥2,000 hug / sniff one's feet / girl's hips as a pillow
¥3,000 dressing oneself / entangle one's legs
¥4,000 be close to the body
¥5,000 Facesitting / Mischief with toys
¥10,000~ ASK
¥2,000 School Uniforms
¥3,000 sportswear / maid / police / nurse
¥4,000 Cat Ear and Swimsuit / school swimsuit
¥5,000 sexy sweater / KARE shirt
¥6,000 micro bikini
¥7,000 SUKESUKE sailor suit
¥8,000 nano bikini
¥10,000〜 ASK Girl Idea Costumes


Riakoi is an abbreviation for real love.
Beautiful girls will deliver [Riakoi] to you.
At our store, we carefully select, vet, and carefully interview applicants, eliminating applicants who are just cute!
We only hire cast members who have been carefully selected for their looks and personalities!
[High-priced courseback] [Good treatment] creates an environment where you can earn money even without options!
Therefore, naturally [we have nothing to do with landmine customer service! ]
[Nothing other than Riakoi customer service is possible! ]
[Riakoi] will always deliver safe, secure, and stable reflation.

◇If you cancel your reservation after making a reservation, if you cannot change the schedule, you will be required to pay the full amount. If you do not pay, we may refuse your future use. In the case of malicious cancellation, we will take legal action through our legal advisor.
◇All course fees and optional fees must be paid in advance. In addition, we do not accept changes to shorten the reservation time due to customer convenience. If payment is not made, we will report it to the police and take legal action through our lawyer.

The [Precautions and Prohibitions] for use are as follows.
Those who fall under this category cannot use our store. If a violation occurs during use, the service will be immediately suspended and no refunds will be given.
We will also prohibit your future use. If troubleshooting is required, each staff member will be charged 10,000 yen per hour. If necessary, we will report the incident to the police and request compensation from our legal advisor.
◇Our shop does not perform any massage treatments that are considered medical treatment.
◇Please follow the cast's instructions from the start of the course.
◇Persons under the age of 18 and high school students are not permitted to use this service.
◇People in the same industry as our shop, scouts, people in the sex industry, etc. (reflex shops, aroma beauty salons, sex shops, etc.) are not allowed to use our service.
◇Use by anyone affiliated with an organized crime group is strictly prohibited.

- Acts of posting slander, etc. against our store and cast members on bulletin boards, SNS "Bakusai, 5 Channel, Twitter, etc." (We will request disclosure and take legal action.)
・Forcing cast members to perform live acts, negotiating, etc.
・Forcing or negotiating with cast members to go on dates outside the store, exchange contact information, etc.
・Acts that the cast members dislike or fear, touching personal property without permission, or stealing.
・Acts that intentionally damage our store supplies and hotel facilities, etc.
・Scouting or poaching of cast members
・Persons who possess or use drugs, whether legal or illegal (marijuana, stimulants, illegal drugs, etc.)
・Persons who have a sexually transmitted disease, skin disease, infectious disease, or are judged unable to provide services.
・Those who refuse to take a shower before the service
- Acts of restraining cast members even after service hours have ended.
・Use by people who are intoxicated
・Other people who are deemed inappropriate by our store
・In the event that unauthorized filming, recording, secret filming, eavesdropping, or any other suspicious behavior is discovered, or the bringing of hidden video equipment, etc., it will be assumed that the footage was taken, and legal action will be taken through the police and a lawyer. (Please put electronic devices in your bag and turn them off if necessary before starting the service.)
*Customers who fall under the above prohibited items will be charged a usage penalty of 500,000 yen.
Those who use our store are deemed to have understood the above [Precautions and Prohibitions] and agree to pay penalties and follow the instructions of store staff in the event of a violation.
In the following cases, a usage penalty will be charged.
・Wiretapping, voyeurism 300,000 yen to 700,000 yen
・Rape act 300,000 to 1 million yen
・If the girl quits due to the above behavior, 1 million yen to 2 million yen